We will be practising recognising, ordering and even writing numbers to 10 using gross motor movements. We hope that the children will continue to show an interest in numbers in the environment and how to represent them. We will also be encouraging children to recognise 2D shapes and use positional language such as 'above' and 'below'.

There are lots of great ways to support your child at home with mathematics. The key is to make it as fun and positive as possible. Playing games is an excellent way of helping your child. Recognising patterns on dice and dominoes, for example, can be really helpful in order to create mental images of numbers. Make a point while out and about of identifying numbers around you, such as on the front of a bus or door of a house.

We want children to see maths as a creative, exciting subject; to embrace challenge, learn from mistakes and enjoy the thrill of making new mathematical discoveries. The Celebrating Maths Project will help you to promote these attitudes with your children.

The Celebrating Maths Project is a series of three short videos written to give parents a range of mathematical games and puzzles to play at home.

The first video, for parents of children aged 4-5, gives ideas for finding maths in everyday situations and explains some important stages in developing an early understanding of number.

Follow the link below to see the video:

We would very much appreciate your support and input during the school year. Feel free to talk to us or contact us any time should you have any concerns or questions. We look forward to working with you and your children during this new academic year.


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