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Welcome to Netherthorpe Primary School

This is an extremely unsettling time for everyone and we want to help you in any way we can. 

School will remain closed for the forseable future therefore class pages will be updated weekly with work for your children to complete if they want to.  Whilst academic learning is important, your children's daily routine and structure has changed and they may be feeling unsettled and frightened. As they try to make sense of whats happening, their behaviour may change as they are having to adjust to new routines and restrictions. 

Now is a time for hugs and fun, talk to them and try to answer their questions.  Ask about what they have heard about the virus and the situation so that you can correct possible misconceptions and reassure them.

Avoid being too immersed in media coverage.  Be mindful of the amount of things you are reading and watching, including social media – as this may add to worry and anxiety.  Consider a few updates every day from trusted sources.

Remember that people react differently to significant events.  Some people – adults and children – may feel worried, some excited, some nothing much at all.  Be reassured that different reactions are normal and ok.

We have devised a timetable that you can follow and this has been included in section of the website called Covid 19 Timetable.  Some of you may find it helpful to stick to the timings on the timetable while others may like to create timings that fit around the new routines of your family.  Use the activities and the timetable in a way that works for you.

Although we wont be seeing you in person, Teachers and Teaching Assistants will be contacting children weekly to support them academically and emotionally. 

If you have any issues, quieres or questions, please do not hesitate to speak to school staff during the weekly phone calls.

Take Care and Stay Safe

Ms Gray and Miss Elliott

Contact the School

Netherthorpe Primary school

Netherthorpe Street
Sheffield, S3 7JA

Main Contact: Elizabeth Gray - Head Teacher

Tel: 0114 272 6834