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Welcome to Netherthorpe Primary School

Dear Children, Parents, Carers and Anyone else who cares to visit this website

At the moment it is very difficult for us to welcome people into our school physically, so please take a few minutes to look round our website to find out something about Netherthorpe Primary School. The following tabs may be the most useful to you at the moment: Classes - in here you will find out inforomation about what children in each year group are learning; Parents and Carers - in here you will find out information about various policies and procedures in place, including safeguarding, SEND and newsletters, among many other things; and Covid-19 information - this has some general information about how we are working together to combat living with and learning in these Covid-19 restricted times, along with links to letters and information from Public Health sheffield and the DfE that we review and update very regularly.

The photos of our amazing children at the top of this page will also give you a flavour of the broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that we provide for our children. Our children love coming to school to learn and our teachers love coming to school to teach them and also learn.

Our priorities for the first half of the autumn term were to welcome children back to school and celebrate being together again. We strongly believe that, in order for anyone to learn, they need to feel safe, wanted and happy. Therefore, after the long absence from school for many children, we are focusing on acknowledging, understanding and accepting that some things are a bit different at the moment -  like being in bubbles and washing our hands very regularly -  but also knowing that many things are exactly the same as always. These include: using our Learning Muscles and never giving up, even if we are feeling tired or a bit rusty or uncertain about things; being kind to one another and looking after one another's feelings so that we all remember the essential part that we play as part of the Netherthorpe Primary School community; and being fit and healthy in body and mind. We feel that we have accomplished this. 

We are also spending even more time than usual this term talking with our children, as well as teaching them to decode and extend comprehension skills in Reading. We are exploring and developing vocabulary and also talking about our feelings. Maths is taught daily and  we are doing extra Science experiments linked to plants and animals - whenever possible we are going out and about in the local area to explore and find out more about nature and living things. Back in the classroom we are drawing, sketching, painting and practising a range of artistic skills that we have linked to other subjects. We are also doing lots of PE to increase our children's levels of fitness and stamina and get back to really good physical health. We have now started to catch up with apsects of History, Geography and RE  and will continue to decide which are the most importnat aspects of the curriculum to catch up on as the year progresses. We have prioritised the parts of the curriculum that we think are going to help our children re-establish themselves as inquisitive, learners who can't wait to come into school each day to learn. As we are in the middle of a second lock-down, we have continued to prioritise PE to ensure that our children stay as fit and healthy as possible.

Teachers have developed a really good understanding of what we need to prioritise with regards to learning so that we can continue to help our children to flourish and learn deeply. As always, although parents and carers might not be able to physically with staff as easily as before, we are always available to speak with on the phone and in person if needed. 

Contact the School

Netherthorpe Primary school

Netherthorpe Street
Sheffield, S3 7JA

Main Contact: Elizabeth Gray - Head Teacher

Tel: 0114 272 6834

SEN Contact: Laura hammond

SEN Email: