Our Intention:

We believe that artisitc expression is very important for everyone and follow a broad Art curriculum. We believe that through practise and repeated opportunity, everybody is able to create interesting and thought-provoking pieces of work. We value Art in itself and also the Arts. Our next step is to re-apply for the Artsmark in order to celebrate the wonderful work that our children produce.



Our children often enter school with very little experience of drawing and painting, cutting or sticking and so we aim to build on these basic skills form Nursery onwards. We follow the Chris Quigley progresson of skill based learning objectives, which we have adapted to suit the needs of our children. 

Children are taught a range of Art related skills, including: printing, textiles, painting, drawing, sculpture and digital media  Each of the main areas of Art are focused on explicitly over a two year rolling programme with the exceptions of drawing and developing ideas, which are taught in every year group. During the course of the year children have opportunities to revisit and build on skills already taught: they are also able to apply ideas across a range of media.

At Netherthorpe children are also taught about individual artists. They are introduced to the Artist of the Term each term in an assembly and learn about the life and work of the artist. They then carry out follow up activities linked to the artist.

As part of our learning about Art we visit galleries and participate in local projects to bring art to the streets and lives of people in Sheffield. This has recently included co-creating a mural in a project linking schools in Italy and England and also visiting a local artist to develop digital art skills. We are always on the look out for such projects to help make Art real, exciting and interactive to our children.



We love to celebrate Art in our school.  Our school is filled with beautiful displays of our work. The mural in our playground was co-created by our children and their siblings at Tapton. The theme of the mural was inspired by artists who create pieces of art linked to nature: we took this theme and applied it to our city of Sheffield across the year. If you haven't looked at it yet, please come and be ready to be impressed.

Our children join us with very little experience of Art and leave us with a set of skills that they can build on in secondary school and beyond.


Look at these images of one of our Art displays in school.  All of the art created by our children is produced through our skills based approach, which means that our children are given opportunites to learn and practise the skills and techniques they need to create amazing art. .  

Take a look also at the work our Year 1s did last term.  First they practised sketching a variety of lines in different thicknesses.  When autumn came they used this skill to add these intricate patterns to their leaves. As you can see, our Year 4 children took the drawing skills they had previously learned to develop and create their own portraits. Our Year 5 children changed the medium they were using to create their portraits which were linked to the poetry they had been studying in their literacy lessons.


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