Police visit F2

This week we are learning about the Police and the jobs that they do.  Today we were lucky to have two Police Officers visit us.  We asked them questions, to find out more about what they do.  Some of these questions included;

Why do the Police have dogs?  To help the Police find people better as their sence of smell is a lot better than ours.

Why do the Police walk on the streets?  So that they can meet people and help people.  It also stops some bad people doing things if they see the Police walking about.

What do you have to wear?  Safety jacket, big boots which are waterproof, black trousers and tops and a hat.

They asked the children why do they think that the cars have sirens?  The children said so that people can hear if they are coming and to show people that their might be an accident.

The children enjoyed it when the Police made Mrs Su try on the body armour and hat.  She was very surprised how heavy the body armour was.

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