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Easter Holidays

Dear Parents and Carers

Once again, time flies so quickly! We have been back in school for almost four weeks and it is now time for the Easter holidays! School will be closed on Friday 2 April and will not open again until Monday 19 April.

Although it is the holidays, we are still providing some work that children can do at home. You can find more information on class pages.

Three family activities that I would like everyone to participate in are outlined below:

1. Have some fun cooking with your children. We want to create a Netherthorpe Primary School recipe book that includes lots of healthy recipes that the children have created at home (with some help from parents and carers). There are some ideas attached that you could follow and take photos of or (even better really) you could share a delicious healthy recipe and include instructions and photos. Please send any recipes and photos to Mrs Ainsley : or to We will share the finished book by putting it on this website.

2. In assemblies these last two weeks, children from Y1 to Y6 have been discussing with me how important it is to be imaginative and how much a good imagination and being creative can help with so many jobs. I would like children to spend some time during the holidays creating their own superhero (it can't be one that already exists). They need: a name: superpowers and an explanation of how they work; something that is dangerous to them (like Kryptonite for Superman); a costume and an emblem. We have already talked about these and lots of children have already had lots of great ideas.

If children really want to push themselves, they can think of the back story for how their superhero got their powers; create a supervillain; make a mask for the superhero; and/or even create cartoon story involving their superhero. I would love all work to be brought into school at the end of the holidays to be shared in each class assembly. If you would like to send any photos of work to me during the holidays, please do via: The more creative chldren can be the better: one thing that we have discussed is that, for the superhero to really work, we also have be very logical and clear in our thinking.

3. I would like all children to be reading regularly at home - it is so important to read every single day. Children can read on Bug Club; they can read the books that they bring home from school; they can share books with grown ups; they can have books read to them; and they can read whatever books they want to for sheer pleasure and enjoyment. The more reading that children can do, the better

I wish everyone a fantastic holiday and rest. Staff and children have worked so hard that we really do all deserve a good break.

The last thing that I would like to remind you about is that we are still not allowed to go inside one another's houses. I think that some families may be unsure exactly who is in their bubble. Bubbles are only the people living in your house with you or, if you live alone with your child/children, a bubble can include a close friend or relative. Bubbles are not your wider family or neighbours. As mentioned in a recent email, I know that we are all really tired of restrictions but, in order for them to end as soon as possible and also to keep one another safe and healthy, we all need to follow the government guidelines and work together to limit and reduce the risk and spread of Covid-19.

Please stay safe and well and I look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday 19 April.

Ms Gray

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