Reading, Writing and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)


Recount: Trip to Ponds Forge and/or Bolsover Castle

Fiction: Stories and Story writing

Infomation Text: Writing information about castles


In Reading (decoding) we will be working on:  Using our Animal Strategies to help us decode words and spotting HFW/exception words in texts and digraphs/trigraphs quickly. 

In Reading (comprehension) we will be working on:  'Clarifying' and 'Using our prior knowledge' (what we already know) to help us understand, 'Explaining' clearly what is read to us or what we have read ourselves.

In Writing we will be : Writing and composing simple and accurate sentences. We will be trying to include more detail in our writing by using adjectives and more information.   Some of our children will be inventing and writing their own stories.                                 

In Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar we will be: Practising spelling the HFW we can read and continuing to learn the rules for adding suffixes and prefixes to root words, e.g. ed,s,es,ind,er,est,un. We will be using 'and' to join our ideas in sentences and learning about adjectives, nouns and verbs.

 Along the way, the Year 1s will be practising their letter formation and handwriting.  We really want to improve our childrens’ spelling skills this year so there will  be plenty of opportunities for the Year 1s to do this.

We are aiming for ALL our children to be able to write a ‘PERFECT’ sentence before they move to Y2. The PERFECT sentence should have: a capital letter, finger spaces, full-stop, correct grammar and spelling.

READING and PHONICS: This continues to be a school  priority so please continue to  support this at home. 


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