A mastery of writing is a crucial life skill,as well as providing an unparalleled means of creativity and expression. There are many aspects to successful writing, including handwriting, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and composition (putting together ideas in writing). It is important that pupils, parents and teachers develop a good understanding of the child's strengths and areas for developent in their writing, so that we can work together to ensure the child is the best writer they can be.

Writing this Term

We will begin this term by exploring and writing poetry, based on a poem, How Happy, by Pie Corbett. Later inthe half term, Year 5 will by writing their own mini suspense stories inpired by our class book, Varjak Paw. We will be performing some of these stories in our class assesmbly so make sure you come!

The second term will focus on writing biographies. Year 5 pupils will work towards writing about a person that they find inspirational so you can help your child by helping them research their chosen person.

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