Our Intention

We believe that personal, social and health education (PSHE) is vital to support pupil's mental health and emotional wellbeing.  We aim to enable pupils to develop an understanding of emotions (both their own and those of other people) and to help them learn healthy coping strategies.  In addition, it supports safeguarding: providing pupils with knowledge understanding and strategies to keep themselves healthy and safe, as well as equipping them to support others who are facing challenges.  Finally, talking openly about mental health issues is an effective means of breaking down any stigma.



We follow the statutory guidance for health education , which covers physical health, mental health and emotional wellbeing. The emphasis is on developing children's knowledge, skills,  understanding, language and confidence to seek support and to support others.

This year, we have implemented a vast range of strategies in our classrooms that promote mental and physical wellbeing.  Children have take part in a greater number of PE lessons, many of which have been taken outside.  Throughout the day, all classes have been taking part in 'brain breaks' which aid concentration and promote feelings of wellbeing.  These include walks around the local area, 'Activate', 'Go Noodle', skipping sessions and yoga.  Teachers have included mindfulness activities such as colouring, breathing exercises and listening to peaceful music to teach pupils ways to relax and relieve anxiety.

In PSHE lessons, children have been encouraged to share their feelings in different ways and through different mediums: art work, poems, discussions and drama.  They have learned new vocabulary to express themselves and have spent time thinking about how to be a good friend, how to support others and how to recognise when someone might be struggling.

In assemblies, the 'Zones of Regulation' have been introduced so that children can recognise warning signs in themselves and others, and can employ strategies to calm themselves down and get back into the 'green' zone.

As part of our on-going committment to making a valuable contribution to society and to nurture our pupils' caring nature, we have been sending work to out local care home to let the residents know we are thinking of them during this difficult time.  


Our children are kind and helpful and genuinely care about one another and their teachers.  The pupils are happy and feel safe, and teachers work hard to deliver a personalised curriculum: working through issues as they arise.  Children feel supported and are able to ask for help when they need it.


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